3 Mantras To Keep You Moving When The Road Gets Rough

Life, on occasion, has a tendency to become disorganized and mind-boggling. When we are in the throws of chaos, a strong body is capable of handling a whole lot more then a body that is struggling to move with efficiently. When your body is operating at it’s optimum health level your thinking become clearer, judgements are easier and your risk of depression is less.

exercise hard
30+ years in fitness and helping people connect with their bodies has showed me that NOW is always the right time to #GetYouMoving and work towards your optimum body. No matter your age, your schedule or your goals, a consistent commitment toward your health will increase your productivity and enjoyment in your day-to-day.

A body that gets in motion, with some loving consistency, keeps in motion and will keep you moving when times get tough. Strive to create a routine that involves rhythmical, repetitive cardio-vascular movement, STRETCHING, strength training as well as a nutrient dense diet and sound rest.

I offer these 3 mantras to keep moving when times get tough:

  1. Love the wind and hills they up your game.
  2. Train like you want to win a race! Race like you want to be a Champion!
  3. The end is satisfying but the the journey toward your accomplishment is true joy. 

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My training program teaches you how to reach your body’s potential safely and efficiently while keeping you motivated and enjoying your exercise. I’m here to help you find your movement make your body work for you!

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