Use It Or Lose It

Many of us have heard the phrase “USE IT OR LOSE IT” as a way to describe potential mental decline in an inactive state. Just as the mind begins to forget skills as they are not used, the body also begins to slow down. Your cardiovascular maximum and endurance shrinks and muscle memory is lost as you becomes less active. In fact, you can lose minutes off your run time in as little as 3 weeks with inactivity!

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If you were unable to do any physical activity eventually the systems in your body will slow down and believe the muscles you rigorous built are no longer needed. Your body is highly adaptive and designed to store energy if it is not being used. When you move consistently, you are not only burning energy but you are also receiving major lubrications to your joints, increasing blood flow to your brain, triggering helpful neurotransmitters and defending your body against the effects of aging. Simply put, all the systems of the body get nourished by regular movement to help you live more vibrantly!

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There are many reasons you might need to dial down your fitness regime. Health factors, life events and other daily distractions can cause even the most dedicated athlete to go through a period of inactivity and suffer a depreciation in physical health. However, much like your brains battle with mental atrophy, your body is ready to re-learn and grow to get you back to your optimum health. Returning to vigorous activity and training can stimulate dormant nuclei and reawaken muscle memory to help you regain the benefits you once lost, so don’t lose hope! It’s never too late to #GetYouMoving and get your body back to where you want it to be.

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