Eat To Live

It’s important to remember that we need to eat to live; not live to eat. Those who follow this view point typically see food as fuel to nourish their body and keep it running strong. The world of food should be tasty, nutritious and a variety of colors and textures.

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Generally speaking, about 50% of your diet should be protein, 30% carbohydrates and 20% fat. These can vary depending on your daily activity, exercise output and other factors. For example, endurance athletes would need more fat and carbs in their diets to accommodate their high energy output. Fat gives us slow burning energy without drastic crashing and provides protection to our bodies. Carbs are fuel for our muscles that quickly gets transformed into immediate short-term energy. By restoring glycogen, carbohydrates also help the body recover and your muscle tissues heal. Choosing healthy carbohydrates such as colorful fruits and vegetables provides more lasting benefits than processed carbs. The dense nutrients in fruits and vegetables not only give energy, but also keep our immune system functioning at a higher rate preventing disease. Protein is important for repairing the cells of the body and is the primary building block for creating new tissue. Powerlifters and bodybuilders need increased amounts of protein to sustain their muscles and produce the desired result on their body. Muscle becomes increasingly harder to build and maintain as we age, and protein rich foods such as lean meat, poultry, fish or beans will provide quality sources to keep you feeling healthy and help reach your goals.


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The body has its own thumbprint that optimizes its requirements for nutrition. No two people are metabolically identical and by paying attention to your metabolism you can define the right choices to help you eat more efficiently.

Choosing to be actively conscious of your body’s needs and eating a balanced died with lots of diverse and colorful food will keep you feeling healthier and happier. It will also help you achieve your fitness goals to #GetYouMoving more quickly and with less injury. Remember, eat to live. Don’t live to eat!

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