Standing Up To The Sitting Disease

Your body is designed to move and for the past several thousand years, that’s just what humans did. It wasn’t until the mid 20th century that people began to slow down and society moved towards a more sedentary lifestyle.

With the rise of modern technology, you are almost guaranteed to sit down at some point during the day whether it be your couch, driving your car or whatever you do to take a load off your feet. However, the trouble with this is that our bodies are not designed to be in a sitting position. Humans are perfectly built to lie down, stand up, squat, bend roll, etc… but sitting goes against your skeletal systems basic functions. Though we’ve force engineered our bodies to fit into a chair, every joint in your body has a function to allow you to move freely standing without pain to your feet.

The Average Person Sits 12hrs A Day


When your sit for too long, a lot of pressure is put on the lower back and hips. This prevents proper circulation, promotes muscular imbalances and creates crooked posture! Although there are muscles working to support our back legs, sitting can deactivate certain muscles, such as the glutes, hamstrings and obliques, to help give support to the hips. Over the last 30 years of delivering fitness service, this deactivation of muscles can cause lots of problems including sciatica piriformis and general hip dysfunction.


  1. If you find yourself sitting often, due to work, play or simple idleness, get up at least every 45 minutes and move around. If you drive for a living, get out, stretch and move your body at least every 3 hours. Try my quick 1 minute routine to unwind glutes, hips, legs and lower back right at your desk!
  2. Walk for 20+ minutes each day and incorporate stretches and strength exercises that active and flex your hip support muscles to counteract the effects of sitting on your body. Take it a step further by adding in a yoga practice or Pilates class to your weekly workouts.
  3. Work with a professional. A chiropractor or physical therapist can help guide you towards correcting your posture and reversing joint problems. Follow it up by working with a W8Lift Studio personal trainer to design a fitness regime that’s designed to work with your lifestyle and promote full body health.

We’re here to #GetYouMoving and get back on your feet towards your best you. Book with one of our experienced personal trainers at our Bellevue gym; first workout FREE!

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