Turn A Wall Into A Door

Often in life we are presented with “walls.” Sometimes we create them and sometime they just show up, but without fail you will be presented with a road block that temporarily halts your forward progress at one time or another. In the world of physical fitness, these walls appear both physically and mentally.

Turn a wall into a door

In the world of endurance sports, the body creates physical walls if you become completely depleted of glycogen and nutritional support, however mental walls are much more prevalent. For instance, let us imagine you just finished a daily training routine on a hot day with your marathon race about to start. You’re hydrated and well fueled but you can’t get into your zone. Overload has happened on your body, with stress and fatigue, and now that you must run, one more step seems like the hardest thing in the world. The mind says no, so the body begins agreeing and builds a wall to keep you from your task.

When we are faced with these challenges, they are opportunities to dig deep within and surprise yourself by turning that wall into a door.


  1. Think like the little engine that could. Look at the task at hand as though you have already finished. Thinking positively and adamantly will drown out any unhelpful thoughts that can thwart you and your goals. You control your thoughts and it is the beginning of punching a hole in that wall. Belief in your abilities and faith in yourself creates the seedlings that will grow and nourish your action.
  2. The bodies irrevocable spirit is hard to describe, but it encompasses energy from all around us to provide energy and a thirst for life. We have an inner strength that is accessible through our thoughts, beliefs and view of the world that fuels the second tool you require: Desire. When you truly desire a certain outcome, we begin building the framework for your door. The power of your brain is beyond the measurable construct of science. When one believes and an undying desire, it seems like the engine will never give up and those steps in running the race become easier.
  3. Trust in your body for it is only trying to keep you safe. You’re thirsty, your muscles ache and your lunges are starting to scream at you as you take down the miles. Acknowledge what your body is trying to tell you. These sensations are there for a reason, but in the end, they are just sensations. Stay mindful in your movements. Focus on how different the muscles in your legs feel as you change pace. Be aware of how ground feels beneath your feet and the movement of your breath. Thank your body for these sensations and let it know what you need it to do in that moment. Stop fighting with your body and make it work for you.

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As they say, we are never given more than we can handle. Dig deep, release the negative and embrace your positive existence. It takes time and faith in yourself to become unstoppable!

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