No Time To Exercise? Let’s Do The Math

No Time to exercise

There is 168 hours in a week.

What is the number one reason people say they don't exercise? NO TIME. It's an easy excuse that we are all guilty of uttering at one time or another. So before you say you have no time to exercise, let's break it down to some simple math:


If we start with the basics, we can say you sleep 8 hours multiplied by 7 days equating to 56 hours a week. Now, let's say you work 50 hours a week, let's face it in this economy we are all doing our little extra. This leaves you 62 hours a week to work with.

Now, let's say food prep takes roughly 3 hours of your day; that's 21 hours. Driving to and from work, can we say 3 hours a day? That's another 21 hours and we can add another 10 hours to run errands and such. That leaves you with 10 HOURS to put into your body!


Within that 10 hours of unclaimed time, find a way to give back to yourself and put at least 1 of those hours into walking, lifting, stretching, sports and/or meditating. Putting resistance in some form into your body can help pull your mind away from all the stress of your day; and who doesn't need that? You only have ONE body and it has been proven that exercise prolongs your life and improves your experience with the world.

So stop making excuses. Do yourself the favor, get off the couch and get your body moving! If you don't know where to start, our trainers at W8LIFT STUDIO can get you going.

Send me a message or set up a Free Body Consultation with me for more a guidance and ways to improve your health through exercise.

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